Kristie’s REAL Wedding Vows

While the ‘ditto’ following Chris’ vows might have been funny to some, it wasn’t what I had really intended to say to him. I had actually written vows. Real vows. But I thought it would be silly of me to hold a piece of paper up during the ceremony, so I left it in the room thinking I would remember it all. I mean, logic told me all I had to do was look into Chris’ beautiful blue/green eyes and the words of love would all come streaming through me. Not. Chris’ vows stunned me. I don’t know why I … Read More ›

Chris’ Wedding Vows…

You asked, so here they are… audio and video to come later in the week. ——– Yes, we are match kids, in the truest sense of the word. We met because I changed my expectations of what I was looking for on and I winked at you. Its a good thing you winked back online, because you can’t physically wink at all. I was attracted to you then because of your love for Dave Matthews, your great attitude, your smile and the fact that you werent looking for a serious relationship. Now almost 1400 days later, here we are … Read More ›

Meet the Men, Groomsmen that is…

So Kristie has been on me to write this post for a few months now – since it is less then a week till we leave for our walk down the aisle, I figured I have waited long enough to tell you about the guys who will be accompanying me. Meet Scott Becker, Greg Marcellino and Coleman Hutchins – all good friends from college who are still friends with me after all these years, despite suffering through most of those 4 years of drunken madness at American University. My best man (on left) is Scott Becker, all-star golfer, guitar player, … Read More ›

Canada’s finest export: Our photographer

I am so very excited that Kris Krug has agreed to photograph the Wells:Heuer festivities. Kris has an amazing eye with a true gift of capturing the energy of his subjects. I understand he is also very good at Photoshop, so I working with him to make sure I am airbrushed down a bit to a size 2 if possible. I know, I know. He is a photographer – not a magician. 🙂 Seriously, we are so very lucky to have him there with us not simply as our photographer, but as our friend.  Thanks buddy.

The girls are going to look smokin’

I want to be one of my bridesmaids. I really do. I am so in love with their dress that I want to be standing next to them, wearing it too. Which, just might have to be an option, as I have yet to find a bridal gown and the wedding is just under two months away. Ok, good karma – good karma. Anyway… This dress is absolutely beautiful and it looks smashing on all three of my girls. Best of all? It is a lovely silk floral print dress they can really wear again. Not like some of the … Read More ›

Wedding invitations are finally out the door!

Wow – who would have thought a simple thing like a wedding invitation would have taken three months to complete? Guess that is what happens when you combine a Martha Stewart wanna be who really has no creative sense (Kristie) with a designer (Chris) who doesn’t have much free time in his schedule, but insists on doing it himself. Lord. We really are a match made in heaven. 🙂 It only took 20 trips to Michael’s, 10 trips to Flax, 5 or more to PaperSource, and a couple hours sitting on Chris to play in Photoshop – but we finally … Read More ›

I’d like placesettings for 28 please.

  Or as Borat would say…NOT. We would, first, like to thank you all for sharing our wedding with us. Without the love and support of our friends and family, we would not be the people we are today. So in a nut shell – yes – it is YOUR fault we are the way we are. 🙂 When Chris and I moved in together (no comments mom), we realized that between us we had four sets of silverware, two toaster ovens, and a life-time supply of glassware. So in the early planning stages of our wedding, we knew a … Read More ›

Meet the girls in my posse

When Chris proposed (gosh, was it really 14 months ago?), there was never any doubt who I would ask to be my bridesmaids. How, when, and where to ask them was up in the air – but never the who. I have known these girls a combined total of 75 years (one for 36, one for 26 and one for 14). We have shared a lot of laughter. We’ve shed a few tears. We’ve protected each other’s secrets. We’ve helped each other in matters of the heart. We have danced. We’ve sang. We’ve kicked each other in the ass when … Read More ›