One of the many things I am thankful for…

Heuer. Actually, the #1 ‘thing’ I am thankful for. Thanksgiving will always hold a special place in my heart as two years ago, at about this hour, Heuer got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. ———-> I am so very lucky to have him as my partner and I will make sure I tell him this, every day, not just on this special day. I <3 you baby.

Has it really been three weeks?

Things have been a wee bit hectic since Chris and I got back from Mexico, so I just wanted to reach out quickly and give you a little update. (1) Photos. We have over 1500, yes that is 1500, photos to STILL go through so this is going to take some time. We are having everyone who took photos to post them online and we will be making this a master photo album of the trip. Chris has started to put some of the better (i.e. edited) ones into an album for us, which is where I would check back … Read More ›

Meet the Men, Groomsmen that is…

So Kristie has been on me to write this post for a few months now – since it is less then a week till we leave for our walk down the aisle, I figured I have waited long enough to tell you about the guys who will be accompanying me. Meet Scott Becker, Greg Marcellino and Coleman Hutchins – all good friends from college who are still friends with me after all these years, despite suffering through most of those 4 years of drunken madness at American University. My best man (on left) is Scott Becker, all-star golfer, guitar player, … Read More ›

The hidden costs of a destination wedding…

I have planned a few events in my lifetime and thought I was pretty darn good at budgeting needs and associated costs by now. I thought this, that is, until I started doing the checklist of all the things we need to do before we head to Mexico, and suddenly realized how many little ‘big’ things I forgot to factor in… Cat sitter – $350 Home alarm system – $450+monthly expense (so let’s just call it $930 for one year) Cables and other tech stuff – $250 Suitcases/bags – $150 Personal trainer – $1,600 (which hindsight tells me, we should … Read More ›

Whitening our Choppers

Since neither of us lost the 30 pounds we would have liked to before the ‘big day’, we are now doing everything else we can to take the focus off our plump bodies. First stop – BriteSmile. They promise an hour and a half of your life for a whiter, healthier looking smile. So of course, I signed up us. If you have beautiful pearly whites beaming in the Mexican sunshine, no one is going to be looking at your double chin, right? Chris and I head down to their Union Square ‘lab’, don some funky orange glasses, settle into … Read More ›

What I do for love…. the pre-wedding back wax. ouch!

So Kristie really wanted me to get my back waxed for our weeklong destination wedding in Mexico. I have done it for her before, so I reluctantly obliged, but this time, I set up my Canon HD Video Camera so everyone could see what it was like… Now, the thing is, it is really not so bad – over in under 20 minutes really, but it does hurt like crazy bad. Some parts of my screaming is really NSFW – other parts of my screaming are very much like a little girl. It is very funny though I need to … Read More ›

Canada’s finest export: Our photographer

I am so very excited that Kris Krug has agreed to photograph the Wells:Heuer festivities. Kris has an amazing eye with a true gift of capturing the energy of his subjects. I understand he is also very good at Photoshop, so I working with him to make sure I am airbrushed down a bit to a size 2 if possible. I know, I know. He is a photographer – not a magician. 🙂 Seriously, we are so very lucky to have him there with us not simply as our photographer, but as our friend.  Thanks buddy.

The beauty of modern technology

So as the big day edges closer, Chris and I have been trying to figure out a way to include those of you not able to join us physically on the beach in Mexico. I think we found the solution. Enter uStreamTV. We have been playing with the technology here in San Francisco, and are working on getting connectivity while South of the Border so we can video the festivities. If we can make that happen, we will be streaming live, which means you can be there, watching the very moment we officially strap on the old ball and chain … Read More ›

The proposal

  November 24, 2005. Negril, Jamaica. —————————————————— I will give this to Chris. The boy can keep a secret. The details: We were in Jamaica for Chris and Jenn’s wedding – enjoying a week long vacation at Couples Swept Away filled with amazing food, sunshine and fun times with some of our dearest friends. The trip fell over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that Thursday night the entire group (all 26 of us) found ourselves at The Palms chowing on fish, duck and fried plantains – watching the transformation of the restaurant into a disco right before our very eyes. As … Read More ›

‘Match’ made in heaven…well, online at least.

Yep. Chris and I are kids. And it all started with a wink. A simple feature in that allowed Chris to signal he liked my profile, giving me the opportunity to wink back or simply ignore it. I remembering reading his profile and wanting to pick up the phone immediately. The words he chose to explain who he is and what he hoped for in life were exquisite, and his goals seemed completely in line with mine. Ok, it didn’t hurt he was easy on the eyes too. So, I winked back. I think there was one or … Read More ›