Kristie’s REAL Wedding Vows

While the ‘ditto’ following Chris’ vows might have been funny to some, it wasn’t what I had really intended to say to him. I had actually written vows. Real vows. But I thought it would be silly of me to hold a piece of paper up during the ceremony, so I left it in the room thinking I would remember it all. I mean, logic told me all I had to do was look into Chris’ beautiful blue/green eyes and the words of love would all come streaming through me. Not. Chris’ vows stunned me. I don’t know why I … Read More ›

Chris’ Wedding Vows…

You asked, so here they are… audio and video to come later in the week. ——– Yes, we are match kids, in the truest sense of the word. We met because I changed my expectations of what I was looking for on and I winked at you. Its a good thing you winked back online, because you can’t physically wink at all. I was attracted to you then because of your love for Dave Matthews, your great attitude, your smile and the fact that you werent looking for a serious relationship. Now almost 1400 days later, here we are … Read More ›