I’d like placesettings for 28 please.


Or as Borat would say…NOT.

We would, first, like to thank you all for sharing our wedding with us. Without the love and support of our friends and family, we would not be the people we are today. So in a nut shell – yes – it is YOUR fault we are the way we are. πŸ™‚

When Chris and I moved in together (no comments mom), we realized that between us we had four sets of silverware, two toaster ovens, and a life-time supply of glassware. So in the early planning stages of our wedding, we knew a traditional registry was not for us and an agreement was made to minimize the β€˜stuff’ factor.

So, in lieu of traditional gifts and a barrage of ‘stuff’, we decided to register at Honeyluna and build a honeymoon registry instead – knowing the memories and experiences from our younger days will be cherished more so later on in life than a fancy tea set (especially as Kristie has a habit of breaking things, so the tea set would not last long in our household anyway). Ha!

So where are we going on said honeymoon you ask? We are headed South of the Border to Mexico. The Riviera Maya to be exact. We will be getting married here as well, spending 10 days in a place of white (ok beige) sand beaches, warm water, amazing food, and interesting culture.

We hope that our family and friends will celebrate us by helping us realize a dream honeymoon that we will reminisce about for the rest of our lives together.

Of course, gift cards from Target are cool too…