What I do for love…. the pre-wedding back wax. ouch!

So Kristie really wanted me to get my back waxed for our weeklong destination wedding in Mexico. I have done it for her before, so I reluctantly obliged, but this time, I set up my Canon HD Video Camera so everyone could see what it was like…

Now, the thing is, it is really not so bad – over in under 20 minutes really, but it does hurt like crazy bad. Some parts of my screaming is really NSFW – other parts of my screaming are very much like a little girl. It is very funny though I need to make a short version of this but don’t have time…

PS – The kind woman who did this for me is a real pro and very good. The salon was a bit worried about being mentioned in this, so I won’t give the name or her name here, but I do reccommend them highly, so if you are looking for someone good to do it, let me know and I will put you in touch with them.

5 Replies to “What I do for love…. the pre-wedding back wax. ouch!

  1. Dear God in heaven! If that is not love I can’t define it. Of course now you are primed to wear one of those hot bride’s maid dresses!

  2. Next up – you Brazilian wax. Your appointment is on Tuesday at 3pm. :()

    Seriously, love you baby and I will now hold up my side of the bargain and promise to shave my legs at least twice a week!

  3. For those of you who can’t sit through the whole thing (I promise you there are funny bits throughout), you definitely need to let the video load – scan through the whole thing and look for the moments when I writhe/jump off the table. Then the ending is pretty darn funny too.

    No Boyzillians for me…

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