Chris’ Wedding Vows…

You asked, so here they are… audio and video to come later in the week.


Yes, we are match kids, in the truest sense of the word. We met because I changed my expectations of what I was looking for on and I winked at you. Its a good thing you winked back online, because you can’t physically wink at all. I was attracted to you then because of your love for Dave Matthews, your great attitude, your smile and the fact that you werent looking for a serious relationship. Now almost 1400 days later, here we are at the altar with our true friends on a beautiful beach, fulfilling one of our childhood dreams together.

When we met in person for the first time, and you trudged up my 63 steps with your bad knee, you gave me a magic 8 ball – of course, I immediately thought to myself, what a dork… but I gave in and asked it a question… I didn’t like the answer it gave me, so I shaked harder and asked again – same result. I never told you what I really asked that day, so I thought I should finally tell you that I asked “is she the one?” the answer was ‘yes, definitely’

It’s hard to believe that the magic 8 ball was right, but clearly it was – I began to fall in love with you that very night, holding hands in the movies and making out in your car… I love you for more than kissing on the first date though – I love you because you and I complement each other in so many ways – in a true sense, as Livio kept pointing out to me about 2.5 yrs ago, we are perfect for each other.

  • I love the way your soul smiles at the world

  • I love your infectious laughter

  • I love how you make me laugh

  • I love how you make me feel when I look into your eyes

  • I love your compassion and the way you support your friends

  • I love the way you support us and give me strength when I have none left for either of us

  • I love all of you, no matter how big or small

  • I love your hair, no matter how short, long or russian

  • I love the way you say ‘ohhhoohhh’

  • I love the sweetness in your heart, the love in your eyes and the strength in your hands.

What I love most about you though, is how much more I love myself and the world around us when I am with you – you truly do complete me and with each passing day, you make me even more happy then the day before. Being with you here now is the happiest day of my life, but I know there are many happier days to come for us both.

So for these and so many other reasons,

  • I promise to love, honor and respect, and occasionally obey

  • I promise to fight you to the bitter end, but make up as quickly as possible

  • I promise to hold your hands while we take walks on the beach (unless its too hot, and then I will only hold your pinkie)

  • I promise to keep pursuing our dreams and never settle for second best

  • I promise to do my best to make this a wonderful life for us, as we both work to make this world a better place

  • I promise to always be a kid at heart

  • I promise to always keep advil by the bed so I can never say not tonight dear I have a headache

  • I promise to be true to you, and to us

  • I promise to make each day an adventure as we explore new ways to express our love

  • I promise to love you for ever and ever and ever – no matter what

You are my true love, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

4 Replies to “Chris’ Wedding Vows…

  1. You don’t know me, you some how showed up on a Google search.

    I want to tell you that those vows are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know you guys but i would have been honored to witness this marriage and not just because it would consist of a trip to Mexico. you two seem genuinely in love.

    Best of luck to both of you. i hope i run across your story again some day, it’s beautiful.
    Viviana (Sandusky, Ohio)

  2. Dear Chris & Kristie.

    It was a pleasure to witness your wedding in Mexico even though the English contingent were under dressed in our swimming costumes. Your vows stunned the group into silence as we were all caught up in sharing your beautiful moment together.

    All the very best to you both.

    Can you believe we only arrived back in UK a few hours ago and looking at your website was one of the first things we did.

    Take care

    Lloyd and Nadia from Manchester, England.

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