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  1. Come on, it was funny, right?

    Seriously, I had so much more to say, but silly me thought I wouldn’t need to write it down – that I would remember it all, word for word, without a piece of paper in my hand. I knew better. I knew I was marrying a poet who has such a lovely way with words. One that would take my breathe away. And you did.

    When you handed the microphone to me, I was speechless. The only thing that could come to mind was ‘Ditto’.

    Then I looked at you and with all emotion flowing through my veins, I tried to stumble through what I thought I remembered of my vows. Basically, I babbled for three minutes when all I needed to say was/is ‘I love you muffin’. xoxoxox

  2. I agree with the bridesmaid – all you needed to say was ditto. What you wrote to me earlier in the day was just perfect, like you were on our Wedding Day – the video will show it is more than babbling, but real love from your real heart…

  3. You guys slay me. I’m in tears. I’m only an acquaintance but I feel so much closer to you guys than that (I’m sure you are saying to each other…dude, she’s psycho…is she like, stalking us?).

    I loved the part of Chris’ vows that said “occasionally obey” and “holding hands on the beach unless it gets too hot, and then just the pinky” or something like that.

    I think you guys are so much like Dan and I…we are HUGE DMB fans and love the beach and on and on….

    Being an on-line observer of the last year or so of your courtship and engagement and now your wedding…I just want to say…I love you guys, man!

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