Wedding invitations are finally out the door!

Heuer-Wells wedding invitation

Wow – who would have thought a simple thing like a wedding invitation would have taken three months to complete? Guess that is what happens when you combine a Martha Stewart wanna be who really has no creative sense (Kristie) with a designer (Chris) who doesn’t have much free time in his schedule, but insists on doing it himself.

Lord. We really are a match made in heaven. 🙂

It only took 20 trips to Michael’s, 10 trips to Flax, 5 or more to PaperSource, and a couple hours sitting on Chris to play in Photoshop – but we finally have the wedding invitation design done. Woot!

Now with the help of Kinko’s, Dick, mom, and the USPS – they were printed, assembled and then mailed out this morning. Double woot!

And I must say, I am so glad these friggin things are done.

In hindsight, I realized it was actually a lot more work than I expected and/or planned for. And while parts of it were fun, for the most part – I found myself, more times than not, frustrated and upset I couldn’t come up with the ‘perfect design’. We were so focused on blending the laid back beach theme with an upscale/elegant look while trying to spend less than $4 per invite, that I think Chris and I made it a lot harder on ourselves than it needed to be.

We actually ended up spending about $6 per invite, weeks worth of man hours researching designs and paper products, and in the end, there really isn’t much beach theme to it. Oh well.

I absolutely love the design – so I guess it all works out in the long run.  I would just say to future brides – find a photo of an invitation you love and hire someone else to do the leg work.  Focus your time and energy on things you are good at.  Being Martha Stewart is not for me.  🙂