The girls are going to look smokin’

Bridesmaid dress

I want to be one of my bridesmaids. I really do. I am so in love with their dress that I want to be standing next to them, wearing it too. Which, just might have to be an option, as I have yet to find a bridal gown and the wedding is just under two months away. Ok, good karma – good karma.


This dress is absolutely beautiful and it looks smashing on all three of my girls. Best of all? It is a lovely silk floral print dress they can really wear again. Not like some of the neon-colored taffeta monstrosities I have been forced to wear as a bridesmaid. No. This dress is meant to be worn more than once. Out in daylight even. Throw on some flats and you can go shopping in it. A pair of kitten heels and you have yourself a cute party dress. High heels and this frock will take you to a nice restaurant. Yes folks…this one is a keeper.

Just like my three bridesmaids. All keepers.

Watch out Mexico. Hot mamas en route.

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  1. Whoa…hot (and cool) dresses! I wish I had known you for 36 years so I could be one of your bridesmaids, too!;-)

    My Richard and I can only wish you two the absolute best of everything in life. How exciting…it’s only a few weeks away now!

    Love and great wishes,

    Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer
    Creative Sageā„¢

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