47 weeks, 2 days and counting…

We are officially in countdown mode. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Chris and I will be saying ‘I do’ on 07/07/07.

This day is symbolic for us for a couple of reasons, but instead of getting into it here again, you can read the details on my personal blog.

We have put this site together as your main source of information for all things relating to us tying the knot, and invite you to join us on this journey which I am sure will be filled with many laughs, a few tears and some things that may make you scratch your head. But that is the beauty of us. Never a dull moment. 🙂

Right now the website looks ugly. We promise to fix that.

There is not much information here. We promise to fix that too.

In the midst of launching two startups, managing a couple of consulting gigs and trying to figure out how to get Chris to work harder so I can stay home and tend the garden (oh, wait…that is just me trying to figure that one out, anyway)…we just wanted to give you an easy spot to obtain information now and we will work on glamming it up shortly.

I hate to say it as it is just so corny…but I truly believe ‘the best is yet to come’.